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Live outside too...

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Exterior awnings, shades, drapes, pergolas, canopies, sails and more…

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Exterior Shading Solutions

Your home, improved! 

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Stobag Box Awning with Accessory Screen

Stobag offers a complete line of exterior shading solutions, from retractable awnings to free standing pergolas. All products are made from the highest quality materials and are designed to withstand the harsh elements of our Colorado environment. 

With retractable awnings, you can choose if you want to bask in the sun or stay cool in the shade, at the push of a button......the ultimate in shade flexibility and functionality. When not in use, the awning retracts into a self contained box that mounts directly to the structure of the house. 

Stobag Bovana Pergola

If you are looking for a more permanent structure, Stobag offers some great free standing and supported pavilions. Complete with top veins that are adjustable to allow more or less sun in and to protect from rain showers, these products are a great addition to a poolside patio or an open space that needs some character and protection from the elements. 

Stobag pergola.jpg
Insolroll exterior.jpg

Insolroll Exterior Patio Shade

Trust us when we say that this patio would be cooking in the late day sun, facing west towards the Flatirons in Boulder, Co. By installing an operable shade, the space immediately becomes the best spot in the house on a summer evening. Insolroll has great options for exterior shading purposes, including retractable bug screens and screens for protection from errant golf balls.

Draper Exterior Flexshade XL

This is another project that involved a west facing patio that became uncomfortable in the late afternoon/evening sun. The solution? A large exterior motorized Flexshade XL from Draper. A push of a button provides immediate relief from late day sun exposure and turns this patio into a great place to enjoy an evening meal or drink. It is mounted to an existing structure and the colors blend in perfectly. There are cable guides to keep the shade from blowing in the wind.


Renson Pergolas

AROS is proud to be able to offer Renson pergolas. A Renson aluminum pergola lets you create an extra living space outdoors. Are you looking for a welcoming lounge to relax in with friends and family, a sheltered playroom for the kids or a cozy place to relax whatever the season? These modern pergolas are adapted to your lifestyle so that you can enjoy blissful relaxation, year after year. 

All Renson pergolas are based on an aluminum frame, whether they are freestanding or attached to a facade. The countless options mean that you can fully tailor your pergola to your needs. The options include automatic solar shading, LED lighting to create more atmosphere and even audio and heating elements. The choice is yours! 

Our Innovative Technology

This was a special project that had many challenges. It's a curved gazebo with stamped concrete floors and full late day sun exposure. The space would get so hot on summer evenings, that it was never utilized. AROS supplied custom exterior drapery rods from ONA and custom drapes made from Sunbrella fabric. We turned the gazebo into a comfortable living space where our clients could spend evenings relaxing and socializing with friends and family. 

IMG_5776 (1).jpg
Polar exterior.jpg

Oh there's more.......

These are just some of the products that AROS can supply to help make your home work for you. There are several varieties of these exterior products, and we are sure that we have something that will suit your needs. We enjoy the consulting process, so give us a call or send us an email and let's discuss how we can collaborate to make a cool exterior space at your home or business. 

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