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AROS, Specialists in Lighting Control and Automated Shades


What We Do

We install, program, and design shading solutions and window coverings for high end custom homes, hospitality, and commercial applications. We also procure and commission lighting control systems for any residence, hospitality, and commercial space.

Here's Why

When it comes to lighting control and shades, we believe in our ability to produce the best experience, the best end product, and the willingness to exceed your expectations. Specializing in lighting control and window coverings means that we aren’t just able to do it, its all we do. This allows us to direct all of our attention to these products. We believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking outside of the box. We believe in our accomplishments. We believe in our process and our implementation and we believe you will too.

Here's How

We offer the top names in lighting control and shading products at the best dealer prices offered by our manufacturers. We also meet the challenges of custom installations with these products in order to make your home seamless and beautiful. We do it for you. We do it to simplify your life. We do it to Simplify Everything.

Shades - Power of Comfort

Our Resolution

Shades should not interfere with any space, they should be invisible to the eye and ear – integrated details to hide parts with the quietest products on the market. We have an eye for finishes and are happy to provide the platform for you to integrate any fabric that enhances your space. You focus on the beauty of the product in your space, we focus on making them work for you on an automated platform.

Lighting Control - Power of Pro

Our Resolution

Lighting control is all about the latest technologies. We are not looking to inundate you with information, our slogan is “Simplify Everything,” we want you to have a system that works for you, not against you. Longevity is also important to us; the system needs to be flexible for the changing needs of the owner and the space. The project concept, your needs, and our technical knowledge will provide a lasting outcome and we look forward to supporting our clients in their systems evolution.

Personalized Automated Solutions

At Aros, we create designs that are not only visually-stunning, but smart, enduring, and functional with big strategic thinking influencing every single decision and guided by the promise to

Simplify Everything.

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