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Your lights, your way...

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Lutron, Crestron, Vantage, Control 4 and more…

Lighting Control & Smart Home Technology

AROS is an industry leader at providing customizable lighting control systems and smart home solutions for residential and commercial use. We have years of experience in lighting control procurement, design, implementation and commissioning.


You live a busy life, so why not simplify things when you can? With a lighting control system you can turn on all your favorite lights with the push of a single button or, with Josh, a voice command. You can completely change the look and feel of your house simply by selecting another preprogrammed scene. Best of all, when you are ready to call it a day, hit a "Goodnight" scene from your master bedroom and let the control system handle the rest. With app based functionality, you can control your lights and shades when you are not at home, adding convenience, peace of mind and security to your life. 



Homeworks QS and Radio Ra2

Lutron automated lighting and shade control solutions enhance your lifestyle, improve comfort, and add convenience. Plus, you can control any of our systems from your mobile device, from wherever you are. Whether you are building a new home or want to upgrade your existing home with a new lighting system, we can provide you with a fully functional system that is only limited by your imagination.


The Possibilities Are Endless

Designed to seamlessly combine aesthetics and technology, Vantage systems deliver seamless control of luxury spaces. Enjoy effortless comfort in your home with automated lighting control and customized lighting scenes. With modern aesthetics, simple user interfaces, and award-winning software, our system offers complete lighting control to elevate your everyday life.



Live Life Brilliantly

Connecting smart devices to work in unison, delivering a truly intelligent smart home experience that makes life more convenient, safe, and enjoyable. Managing all your smart devices can get complicated. Let us help you simplify the daily operation of your home. 


The OS For Your Home

Crestron Home is a state-of-the-art smart home Operating System specifically developed to ensure that every Crestron product, your favorite devices, and even specialized systems, all flawlessly work together as a single ecosystem.  

Investing in home technology can be stressful. Rest assured that Crestron Home continuously evolves and actually gets smarter over time.

The system you buy today will only be better tomorrow. New features and integration with new products are automatically updated from the cloud.



Voice Activated Control Solutions

JOSH WAS BORN out of the idea that your home should inspire, embolden, and delight you and the people around you. By utilizing advanced AI technologies, including natural interfaces like voice and touch, Josh orchestrates the technology in all aspects of your home to deliver an exciting and effortless living experience.

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